Vivexotic Repti-Home Vivarium - Black - Medium

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    The Benefits
  • Medium - W 862.5 x D 375 x H 421 mm
  • Brand new colour options to fit beautifully in any home environment
  • Brand new sizes - introducing Medium Tall and Large Tall - perfect for adding interior lighting fixtures and giving your reptile 33% more living space
  • Improved fixings - every Repti-Home vivarium comes complete with OneFix connectors - top quality, plastic connectors that combine the housing and the bolt in one single fitting - which means fewer fittings, quicker assembly and no corrosion! They will also ensure your reptile will be in safe and secure hands in his new home!
  • Repti-Home vivariums can be stacked on top of one and other or stay as a stand alone habitat meaning you can create a combination of vivariums units to meet your requirements.
  • Easy vent system in the back of the vivarium makes changing electrical equipment a piece of cake, as there is no need to remove the vivarium lid, disassemble vivarium stacks or re-wire plugs. Remove the specially designed access vent, pass through the cable and plug then simply click the vent back into place.
  • The glass sliding doors are pre-drilled and come with a plastic 'Slidestopper' door plug to prevent escapes and the improved 'easy clip' design has made the process even easier.
  • The Slidestopper can be replaced with a custom made stainless steel lock and key (available separately) to prevent escapes or theft.

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