Heat Mats

Range of heat mats at Great Prices

  1. Komodo Advanced Heat Mats

    Komodo Advanced Heat Mats

    Starting at: £12.98

    • Ideal for providing gentle heat for species that don’t need high temperatures
    • Great for providing cooler night-time temperatures
    • Heat mats emit no light so ideal for vivariums in bedrooms
    • Available in a wide range of sizes suitable for most enclosures
    • Complete with a two year guarantee
      Options Available:
    • 3W (9.5x14.5cm)
    • 7W (14x27cm)
    • 15W (27.5x27.5cm)
    • 22W (41x27.5cm)
    • 30W (57.1x27.5cm)
    • 39W (73x27.5cm)
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