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Biorb by Reef One Ltd and as passionate fish keepers they wanted to make fish keeping accessible to as many people as possible. They looked at the common failures that befall new fish keepers and designed new ways to help avoid them. Biorb combined new technology with stylish designs and eliminated the need for lots of expensive equipment by putting everything you need in one box. They made it easy to set up and get started in fishkeeping.

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  1. biOrb 30 Swap Top + Base

    biOrb 30 Swap Top + Base

    Starting at: £12.98

    To fit biOrb 30 Learn More
  2. biOrb Marine Service Kit for BiOrb 30, BiOrb 60 & BiUbe 710g

    biOrb Marine Service Kit for BiOrb 30, BiOrb 60 & BiUbe 710g


    • 1 x Marine Replacement Filter Cartridge
    • 500g High Quality reef salt
    • 1 x Cleaning Pad
    • 1 x Water Treatment Sachet
    Learn More
  3. biOrb Extension Lead

    biOrb Extension Lead


    Extends your light or pump lead by 1.5m Learn More
  4. biOrb Heater Stand

    biOrb Heater Stand


    BiOrb Heater Stand for use with aquarium heaters less than 20cm long. Enables the heater to be safely fitted to the acrylic surface of your biOrb. Learn More
  5. biOrb Aquarium Timer White

    biOrb Aquarium Timer White


    Out of stock

    • Clear & Simple, push button operation
    • LED Symbols flash to remind you
    • Choice of 3 digital profiles for 15L, 30L or 60L
    • Perfect for a child's aquarium
    Learn More
  6. biOrb 60 Swop Top + Base

    biOrb 60 Swop Top + Base

    Starting at: £15.98

    To fit biOrb 60 Learn More
  7. biOrb One Way Valve

    biOrb One Way Valve


    Replacement one way valve, complete with airline. Learn More
  8. biOrb Transformer 12V

    biOrb Transformer 12V


    Out of stock

    Suitable for all sizes of biOrb & biUbe aquariums. Learn More
  9. biOrb Cleaner Pump

    biOrb Cleaner Pump


    Out of stock

    Easily remove water from your biOrb and vacuum waste away from the base Learn More
  10. biOrb Digital Thermometer Submersible

    biOrb Digital Thermometer Submersible


    • Round-the-clock digital display
    • Fully Immersible
    • °C Display (°F for US)
    • 1° Display Resolution
    • Heavy Duty Suction Cup
    • ±1° C Accuracy
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Battery Supplied
    Learn More

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