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INNOVATION is one of AQUAEL's most treasured company values. Innovative ideas of our employees have allowed us to continuously expand our range of products that are trusted by fish keepers around the world. Over the past five years, AQUAEL has launched a number of unique products, such as shatterproof heaters, canister filters with an external feeding pump, shrimp tanks, and fully equipped marine aquarium sets.

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  1. Aquael Pat Mini Internal Filter

    Aquael Pat Mini Internal Filter


    AQUAEL PAT MINI is a tiny turbine filter intended for use in small freshwater aquariums. This device consists of a small head and a carefully selected filter sponge. Thanks to the innovative design, the maximum throughput of the filter head reaches 400 l/h, which is comparable to the typical performance of a medium-sized turbine aquarium filter. Despite its high performance, the filter operates at a power consumption of 4W or less. Given its specifications, PAT MINI can provide efficient filtration even in a 120-liter tank. However, you should not be concerned about the filter creating an excessive whirling motion in smaller tanks, since there is a performance control switch in the front part of the head that allows you to adjust throughput as required. In addition, the filter is equipped with a directional nozzle that can be used to control the outflow of water into the tank e.g. by directing it towards a tank wall. The aeration tube connected to the outlet nozzle ensures efficient oxygenation of the water. Learn More
  2. Aquael Fan Filters

    Aquael Fan Filters

    Starting at: £15.98

    • Excellent filtration and aeration
    • Handy and precise performance control in the dome above the water surface; adjustable direction of water outflow
    • 2 years' warranty
    • Five models available
    • Complete Filtration
    • Includes filter media
    • Suitable for freshwater aquariums
    Learn More
  3. Aquael Turbo Internal Filter - 500 1000 1500 2000

    Aquael Turbo Internal Filter - 500 1000 1500 2000

    Starting at: £21.98

    • High-performance mechanical and biological filtration thanks to filter media containers that are suitable for any filter cartridges
    • Efficient water aeration
    • Adjustable direction of outflow (by up to 120°), handy performance control
    • Complete Filteration
    • Includes Filter Media
    • For Freshwater Aquarium
    Learn More
  4. Aquael Unifilter UV Internal Filter

    Aquael Unifilter UV Internal Filter

    Starting at: £34.98

    • UV LEDs ensure proper water sterilisation
    • Two separate sponge filter cartridges
    • Two modes of water aeration; adjustable direction of outflow
    • Complete filtration
    • Includes filter media
    • For Freshwater aquariums
    Learn More
  5. Aquael Internal Filter ASAP

    Aquael Internal Filter ASAP

    Starting at: £15.98

    • High-performance, efficient water filtration
    • Simple design: easy to install and maintain
    • Equipped with a modern motor – low power consumption
    • The filter bowl is easy to clean or replace (replacement parts can be purchased separately)
    • Works well in shallow water – perfect for aquaterrariums
    • 2 Years Warranty
    • For Freshwater Aquariums
    Learn More
  6. Aquael UNIFilter 360

    Aquael UNIFilter 360


    • Unit Size: 50x68x153
    • Suitable for: 60L - 100L Tank
    • 3W
    • 360l/h
    • Grey/Black
    Learn More
  7. Aquael Easy Heater - Internal Aquarium Heater

    Aquael Easy Heater - Internal Aquarium Heater

    Starting at: £25.98

    • Technologically advanced unbreakable housing
    • Temperature range of 17-36º C
    • Thermal switch
    • 2 Years Warranty
    • Precise Thermosat
    • The possibility of horizontal installation
    • Unbreakable housing
    Learn More
  8. Aquael Comfort Zone Gold - Internal Heater

    Aquael Comfort Zone Gold - Internal Heater

    Starting at: £20.99

    • Lighest standard of quality
    • Thermostat with gilded contacts
    • Computer-assisted testing of every single device
    • 2 Years Warranty
    • Gold plated contacts
    • Variable temperature
    • Ceramic heatsink
    Learn More
  9. Aquael Plastic Neoheater

    Aquael Plastic Neoheater

    Starting at: £34.98

    Out of stock

    NEOHEATER aquarium heaters are completely safe. They are equipped with a precision thermal switch designed to protect the device against overheating, should the heater be accidentally switched on when out of water.

    • NEOHEATER 50 W - 55x22x166 - Suitable for 25 - 50
    • NEOHEATER 100 W - 55x22x246 - Suitable for 75 - 100
    • NEOHEATER 150 W - 55x22x246 - Suitable for 100 - 150
    Learn More
  10. Aquael Leddy Slim - Sunny - LED Aquarium Lighting

    Aquael Leddy Slim - Sunny - LED Aquarium Lighting

    Starting at: £32.99

      Options Available:
    • 5w - Suitable for Tank 20-30cm - Wall Thickness 6mm
    • 10W - Suitable for Tank 50-70cm - Wall Thickness 6mm
    • 32w - Suitable for Tank 80-100cm - Wall Thickness 16mm
    • 36W - Suitable for Tank 100-120cm - Wall Thickness 16mm
    • Energy-efficient (consume half as much power as regular fluorescent lamps)
    • Long-lived (up to 50 thousand hours of operation)
    • Versatile (can be used with tanks of various sizes)
    • Can be used with custom-sized tanks
    • Fashionable white colour
    • A modern flat design
    • LED version - SUNNY
    Learn More

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