A perfect blend of elegant design and practical functionality, Vision revolutionised the bird cage industry by reinventing the way we house our pet birds.
Vision cages have many revolutionary design features that set it apart from traditional bird cages, such as larger interior living space and a greater sense of freedom. They retain up to 80% of waste and debris inside the cage, simplifying maintenance by making clean-ups less time consuming.

All cages come with perches, food and water dishes. What's more, when you buy from us you'll also receive FREE Vision cage papers with your order!

Typically, bird cages comes with a pull-out drawer which fails to do a good job at collecting bird waste, creating a maintenance headache as a result. However, with Vision cages, their unique no-drawer design simplifies cage cleaning!
Simply detach the cage portion and empty the contents of the base into a waste bin. The result is less time-consuming, messy cleanups leaving you with more time to enjoy your pet.
Vision's deep base can handle multiple types of litter, while raised ridges inside the base provide air circulation and help prevent mildew. These cages also allow non-invasive, exterior access to seed/water cups which helps to reduce stress.
In addition, multi-grip perches promote circulation and help prevent foot problems. The knock-down cages are easy to assemble, too.

Vision Cage Stands

Recently, Vision completely redesigned their cage stands to make them more modern, stylish and sturdy in a neutral white colour.

Designed exclusively to showcase Vision bird cages, these stands are a practical and stylish addition to any home decor. Sturdy construction and a neutral whitewash finish combine to provide a stable and contemporary base for your Vision cage.
Plus, as an added bonus, the stand is equipped with a storage shelf to keep your bird's food and supplies all in one area.

The size you need will depend on the size of your bird cage.
For an 'S' cage, you will need a Small stand
For an 'M' cage, you will need a Medium stand
Finally, for an 'L' cage, you will need a Large stand

Extension Kits

It happens to all of us - we buy something and then later realise we need something a bit bigger. With bird cages it's no different. Fortunately, if you've bought a 'regular' Vision cage, we offer extension kits which can make your cage a 'tall' one!

Prices for extension kits are the same for each model. Click below to view the product page:
Small Regular to Small Tall
Medium Regular to Medium Tall
Large Regular to Large Tall

Spare Parts

Finally, we have a wide range of spare parts available for all Vision bird cages. From the roof assembly to corner clips, to waste shields and perches. We have almost all possible Vision spare parts available on our website.

Simply navigate to our Vision Spare Parts page and use the nifty little diagram to find the exact part you need. Click the link for your respective model and you'll be taken to the product page. Simple!