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  • Oase Vitronic - Pond UVC Clarifier

    Over time, debris and waste begins to form in your pond water - which, if left untreated, can become a danger to the life inside your pond. This suspended algae, also known as green water, is then picked up by the pond filter pump and sent to a UVC. As the water passes through the UVC casing, the high power UV lamp destroys the cell walls of algae and makes them flocculate (or clump together) into more manageable particles to be removed by your filter. Your filter then easily sieves it out so the remaining water becomes cleaner and crystal clear!
  • NEW: Tetra Pond Treatments

    All ponds, regardless of how well cared for suffer from various ailments. But don't worry - we now have in stock a huge a range of Tetra pond treatments to get you ready for the upcoming pond season! Pond treatments are required for various problems - from common fish health issues, to unsightly green water or algae, Tetra has an effective remedy to get your pond back on track.
  • NEW: Pond Treatments from TAP

    TAP have gone from strength to strength to now becoming one of the most trusted companies for aquatic products. Their first product - the algae pad is probably one of the most prestigious and well known. But their most recent product - No More Blanketweed has had record breaking sales making that now their best selling product!

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