While Plastic Tanks are cheaper than their Acrylic counterpart, both have a variety of functions and uses in the reptile world. Plastic has the convenience of being lightweight, with carrying handles and a variety of entrances and openings, making them ideal for livefood, insects or for breeding purposes. While Acrylic tends to be more aesthetically pleasing and used for creating a stunning visual display of multiple tanks, typically as a permanent or temporary home for spiders, reptiles, snakes and other creatures.

At aquapet, we have an incredible range of styles and sizes so you can find the perfect match for your set-up.

Acrylic Tanks

Not only are our Acrylic Tanks beautiful to look at, but they are incredibly functional too! With an advanced magnetic lid locking system to keep your pets safely inside, while being fully ventilated due to 3mm ventilation holes in the lid. The clever design means that even when stacked, the tanks remain completely ventilated, allowing you to create an extraordinary display by combining several acrylic tanks together.

The tanks acrylic thickness ranges from 2.5mm to 4mm depending on the size of the tank. We have 4 sizes in total.

85 x 105 x 65mm (ACR17) - £7.49
150 x 200 x 150mm (ACR03) - £19.99
200 x 300 x 150mm (ACR01) - £24.68
400 X 300 X 150mm (ACR02) - £36.98
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Plastic Breeding Tanks

Our Plastic Tanks are ideal for breeding, transportation as well as for storage. They have black lids with slotted air vents, a side-opener for feeding, a top door and two carrying handles. These tanks also make good homes for smaller animals, such as spiders.

The tanks are stackable as the base of the tanks have plastic lugs that locate into the lid, making it safe to stack. The special side door can also be used as a label to identify the contents inside.

We have four sizes of these Plastic Tanks available:

6.5L (200 x 200 x 170mm) - £8.99
12.5L (250 x 250 x 200mm) - £10.99
15L (325 x 220 x 210mm) - £14.39
17.5L (420 x 260 x 160mm) - £15.98
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Smaller Plastic Tanks

Our customers tend to use these smaller plastic tanks for livefood storage, using the various coloured lids available to colour-code the different types of food stored.

With up-to 6 lid colours per tank (depending on size), you can customise as you see fit. The lid has slotted air vents, a carrying handle as well as an opening door on the top.

Alternatively, use these tanks for temporary homing or for transportation. 3 sizes are available:

1.3 L (182 x 112 x 125 mm) - £5.80
2.6 L (218 x 143 x 150 mm) - £5.99
4.4 L (270 x 170 x 168 mm) - £7.49
All prices include FREE FAST UK delivery.