Over time, debris and waste begins to form in your pond water - which, if left untreated, can become a danger to the life inside your pond. This suspended algae, also known as green water, is then picked up by the pond filter pump and sent to a UVC.
As the water passes through the UVC casing, the high power UV lamp destroys the cell walls of algae and makes them flocculate (or clump together) into more manageable particles to be removed by your filter.
Your filter then easily sieves it out so the remaining water becomes cleaner and crystal clear!

There are a wide range of Pond UVC Clarifiers on the market, such as the Laguna UV Clarifier. But in this post we're going to be focusing on Oase's Vitronic range available in 5 different sizes.

Oase Vitronic - 11W / 18W / 24W / 36W / 55W

The Oase Vitronic is a top quality UVC made from impact-resistant housing which can be combined with almost any pond filter system to provide peace of mind with clear water quality.

The Vitronic can be directly installed to the Oase BioSmart pond filter, but thanks to the extensive range of connection accessories it makes installation in general easy.

A visual function check allows for safe and easy monitoring of the UVC bulb with an indicator light. Never look directly at the UVC bulb yourself as it will damage your eyes! Included with the Vitronic is a high-quality UVC bulb, replacement UV bulbs have a service life of 8000 operation hours. Replacement bulbs will perform like new and will continue to meet the requirements of a Clear Water guarantee.

When you do replace your Vitronic bulb, please ensure that a Phillips bulb is used. This ensures that the quartz sleeve does not shatter or crack.
Explore our range of UVC bulbs?

With 5 models to choose from there's something for every pond. All Vitronic models come with a generous 2 year guarantee, too.

The 11W model has a maximum pump capacity of 1700 Litres per hour and does not come with an inspection window to check the bulb. Price for the 11W model is £76.98 with FREE UK delivery.

The 18W model has a maximum pump capacity of 3500 Litres per hour. This model and above a 5 metre cable and a bulb inspection window to safely check the UV bulb.
Prices for the other models are as follow:
18W - £99.98 with FREE UK delivery
24W - £109.98 with FREE UK delivery
36W - £149.98 with FREE UK delivery
55W - £169.98 with FREE UK delivery