Pond liners are essential for every pond as without one, the water would be absorbed into the ground. The starting point for every project to keep water where it should be!
Oase AlfaFol Pond Liners come in 8, pre-packaged sizes so the choice is yours!

Oase AlfaFol Pond Liners Packaging

Oase AlfaFol liners are UV-resistant, rot-resistant, cold-resistant in accordance with DIN 53361 and uses reclaimed-rubber and cadmium-free PVC. The result of this is a high quality, flexible pond liner perfect for giving you the freedom of design for your new pond.

All sizes have a 0.5mm thickness and come with a 15 year guarantee.

Oase AlfaFol product photo

Sizes available:
2 x 1.5m - £12.49
2 x 3m - £19.98
4 x 3m - £39.98
4 x 5m - £59.99
6 x 4m - £69.98
6 x 5m - £84.98
6 x 6m - £99.98
8 x 6m - £149.99

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