A perfection addition for any Halloween celebration, this kit consisting of a Halloween cauldron and mistmaker with LED lights creates a stunning display guaranteed to impress.

The mistmaker has 12 LEDs which cycle through various colours: red, red/yellow, white/blue, blue/red. When combined with the mist effect it creates a vivid, spooky display! The misters operate on a safe 24V system for a plug in mains adaptor. They have a low water level sensor to switch the unit off if the water levels becomes too low.

The water is not heated and the mist is the same temperature as the water in the bowl which makes this very safe around people and the home. The mist is produced by an ultrasonic vibrating plate.

What's more, a FREE spooky skull is provided to add that extra-scary touch! You can purchase this for £19.99 with FREE UK delivery.

After Halloween, you can use the mistmaker in your terrarium to add mist and fog.

Cauldron: 22cm top diameter, 12cm high, holds 1-2 litres of water.
Skull: 8 x 10 x 9cm high
Mister: 4.5cm diameter, 4cm high