All ponds, regardless of how well cared for suffer from various ailments. But don't worry - we now have in stock a huge range of Tetra pond treatments to get you ready for the upcoming pond season!

Tetra Pond Treatments are required for various problems - from common fish health issues, to unsightly green water or algae, Tetra has an effective remedy to get your pond back on track.

Tetra AlgoFin (250ml or 500ml)

Tetra's Algofin works by targeting the organisms and metabolism of algae, impeding their ability to photosynthesise. This intensive treatment is effective for the most frequently occurring types of algae, such as blanketweed, floating algae and smear algae.

AlgoFin's special active ingredient is effective over a period of 2-3 weeks, preventing further algae growth and keeping algae growth under control long-term.

Harmless to aquatic plants, fish and microorganisms if used as instructed. Dosage is incredibly easy and precise too!

250ml: £9.98
500ml: £12.98

Tetra AlgoRem (250ml, 500ml or 1000ml)

Say 'goodbye' to floating algae with Tetra's AlgoRem, a fast and environmentally friendly treatment to combat floating algae (green water). This effective treatment works in a matter of hours by bounding the algae into biologically degradable flakes that can easily be removed mechanically.

AlgoRem clears pond water without affecting the natural balance of the pond biosphere and contains no toxic substances and algicide and herbicide free.

It's important that the carbonate hardness of the pond water is above
4°dH before each application to avoid unstable water conditions and harming the fish.

250ml: £9.98
500ml: £13.99
1000ml: £22.99

Tetra MediFin (250ml, 500ml or 1000ml)

Fish unwell? Look no further than Tetra's Medifin - a universal highly active combination of agents that combat the most common pond fish diseases. With a very broad spectrum of activity, the liquid form ensures fast and uniform distribution of the agents.

Medifin helps to combat skin parasites and bacterial skin infections effectively and quickly, and helps treat wounds and all types of external injuries. Effective for prevention and disinfection purposes, too!

Harmless to plants, fish and other higher forms of water organisms when used correctly.

250ml: £9.98
500ml: £14.98
1000ml: £21.98

Tetra AquaSafe (250ml or 500ml)

Tetra's AquaSafe for Ponds allows you to top-up your pond with tap water, as water is often removed during routine care procedures such as water changes or evaporation. Since tap water is intended for human consumption, it contains chlorine and heavy metals to eliminate any germs in the water. However, these metals are toxic to fish. AquaSafe rapidly and effectively neutralises these harmful substances and adds essential minerals and iodine to the water.

Application of AquaSafe is essential when filling a pond for the very first time, and during all partial water changes, prolonged rainfall and after treating disease.

Shake the bottle well before use, use the measuring cup to add 50 ml of AquaSafe for every 1000 Litres of pond water. For best results, dilute Tetra AquaSafe in a container prior to us and then dispense the treatment evenly over the surface of the water. Immediate and long-lasting effect!

250ml: £9.98
500ml: £14.99

Tetra Sediment Minus (250ml or 500ml)

Tetra's SedimentMinus helps to keep the base of your pond clean by reducing the build-up of organic sludge, improving water clarity and quality.

Contains active bacteria and enzymes reducing overall pond maintenance. Safe for fish plants and wildlife. Easy to use - simply add 30ml (one full cup) of SedimentMinus per 4000 litres of pond water. For best results, spread evenly over the pond and repeat dose every 2 weeks.

250ml: £9.98
500ml: £14.99

Tetra Crystal Water (250ml or 500ml)

Improve visibility in your pond with Tetra's Crystal Water. Effectively removes dirt particles in a matter of hours, caused by clay particles or soil, as well as cloudiness caused by organic particles such as fish waste, uneaten food or dead plant material.

Making pond care easy, enhancing the well-being of fish and plants. Not suitable for sturgeons. The active ingredients in CrystalWater coagulate floating particles that cloud the pond water, making it easier to filter out these particles or to remove them by hand.

Do not use to tackle algae - for best results, there should be a period of 4-5 days between treating the algae and using Tetra Crystal Water.

250ml: £9.98
500ml: £14.99

Tetra Filter Start Bacteria (500ml or 1L)

Tetra's FilterStart activates the filter after winter and reduces filter mud. Contains a highly active mix of bacteria to clean your filter, reducing the pollutants (like ammonium and nitrite) in the pond. Breaks down organic substances, such as fish waste and foliage.

Use FilterStart when setting up a new pond too!

500ml: £14.99
1L: £22.99

So with our range of Tetra Pond Treatments, hopefully your pond will be much healthier throughout 2019 and beyond!