Add an exotic, Hawaiian touch to your terrarium with the new Exo Terra Tiki range of dishes, hides, waterfalls and ornaments! Combine the range to perfect that Polynesian, tropical island look.



Tiki Terrariums

Firstly, the Tiki Terrarium is the base of your Tiki-themed reptile habitat. The included background is a Polynesian tribal totem featuring the Exo-Terra Orange Gecko as in the legendary logo! It's available in two sizes. Please note that the pictures above are for reference only. Only the terrarium and background are included.

Now in stock! 
30 x 30 x 45cm Terrarium: £66.99 with FREE UK delivery
45 x 45 x 60cm Terrarium: £114.99 with FREE UK delivery



Tiki Waterfalls

Coming in two sizes, Exo-Terra's Tiki Waterfalls are sure to suit your set-up. They provide the very best in fresh and clean water to your reptiles, and adds a great Tiki touch, giving an air of the tropics to your enclosure!

The movement of the continuous flow of water helps to stimulate drinking for reptiles, especially geckos. The larger water surface area also helps to boost humidity levels within the terrarium too. They have a compact yet stable base with a flat bottom to reduce spillages.



Tiki Ornaments

Available in two sizes to fit any enclosure, these Tiki ornaments will provide your terrarium with a fresh, unique, tropical look. These ornaments also act as a hide, a water and a feeding dish all in one and are ideal for geckos. The hiding place ensures your reptile feels safer and helps to prevent stress.



Pineapple, Coconut, Water Dish

The Pineapple Hide provides a safe and secure place for your reptile, such as geckos and small lizards. This extra hide space gives extra security, which encourages the animal to come out more and reduces stress as well. This hide can be used for creating a great humid hide, with the addition of moss, which is really helpful for shedding.

You can buy a Coconut Water Dish and Hide together, or buy the Water Dish separately to suit your terrarium's needs. As with all hides, this will help reduce stress in your reptile and provides a secure hiding place. The 2-in-1 Dish and Hide is ideal for geckos and is perfect for creating a humid microclimate for hiding, shedding and egg laying.
Alternatively, buy the Water Dish separately, it's made from food-grade resign and is bright and refreshing. It has a smooth, non-porous surface meaning it wont absorb any harmful bacteria.

Lastly, a different style of Water Dish is available in the same appearance as the Tiki Ornament and Waterfalls. It has convenient steps so your reptile can easily access the water, and is made from food-grade resin so it's completely safe. The dish also has a compact yet stable design thanks to its wide and flat base which will help reduce spills.