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Carbon Dioxide is crucial for the growth of plants, particularly those inside your aquarium. Plants convert gas and light into growth in a process known as photosynthesis and can be seen as oxygen bubbles forming on the plant's leaves.

A small increase in CO2 will improve plant growth, however the level of CO2 must remain stable while the plants are under lighting - else algae will grow and cause headaches and frustration for you. If your aquarium set-up has high lighting levels then CO2 is essential, otherwise they wont be able to cope with the rate of photosynthesis required leading to unwell plants.

However, keep in mind that CO2 is toxic to livestock - so never add too much. Overdosing CO2 is the biggest killer of fish and shrimp, therefore a CO2 Indicator Kit and Bubble Counter is recommended to monitor the approximate levels inside your aquarium.

Up-to 30ppm of CO2 is considered safe for most fish and shrimp, but some species vary and are more likely to suffer the effects of toxicity than others. Fish from oxygen-rich environments are typically the most sensitive.

We recommend you check your fish late at night and first thing early morning when setting up a CO2 system inside your aquarium, as plants produce CO2 and use oxygen at night.

In the event of an emergency, perform large water changes to reduce the amounts of CO2 present in the water.

With this in mind, we're proud to have in stock Fluval CO2 Equipment, a broad diverse range including pressurised kits, replacement cartridges, indicator solutions, bubble counter and ceramic diffusers and more!

Pressurised CO2 Kits

The contents of each CO2 kit.

Available in two sizes, 45g and 95g, these Pressurised Kits come with all the necessary tools needed to grow lush and vibrant aquarium plants. They use disposable cartridges and are therefore ideal for small planted aquariums, with the 45g kit suitable for aquariums up to 115L, and 95g kit suitable up to 190L.

Set-up the kit in minutes and each kit ensures a consistent stream of carbon dioxide for optimal health and greenery.

The 45g CO2 Kit includes:

  • High-Quality Regulator Valve
  • Support Base
  • High-Quality Ceramic CO2 Diffuser, which produces the finest of bubbles
  • 2-in-1 Bubble Counter and Check Valve
  • Hose

The 95g CO2 Kit includes:

  • High-Quality Regulator Valve
  • Support Base
  • High-Quality Ceramic CO2 Diffuser, which produces the finest of bubbles
  • Bubble Counter and Check Valve
  • Hose and Anti-Kink Hose Clip

Fluval's 45g Pressurised CO2 Kit can be bought for £39.98 with FREE UK delivery, while the 95g Pressurised CO2 Kit is available for £74.99 with FREE UK delivery. Unfortunately, we do not ship to non-UK countries.

Disposable Replacement Cartridges

95g Pack of 3 95g Pack of 1 45g Pack of 1 45g Pack of 3 Aquapet CO2 Products

Your supply of Fluval CO2 running low? We have packs of 1 and 3 replacement cartridges for the 45g and 95g Pressurised CO2 kits. Save almost £3 when buying the pack of 3 45g cartridges, and over £2 when you buy the pack of 3 95g cartridges!

As always at Aquapet, free fast delivery on all orders with same day dispatch if you buy before 2pm!