Catit has released a range of new and improved Cat products for your feline friend to enjoy. The range extends from grooming to toys to fountains, meaning there is something for every cat owner!

Cat Grooming

Catit's new grooming kits for shorthair and longhair cats are among our favourites here at Aquapet. In fact, we love them so much we are giving a FREE Self-Groomer with every grooming kit purchase!

The FREE Self-Groomer will provide your cat with a constant source of rubbing and grooming pleasure. Simply attach the brush to a surface at your cat's head height and you're done! Awarded a 2017 ‘Cat Friendly’ award by International Cat Care.

The Catit Shorthair Grooming Kit satisfies the specific needs of a shorthaired cat’s coat. The set contains all the brushes and tools for daily grooming: nylon slicker brush, metal slicker brush, rubber palm brush, fine grooming comb and curved nail clipper. The grooming tools are stored upright in a handy canister, which prevents the combs’ teeth from getting damaged. In addition, the canister’s lid was designed as a handy temporary storage container for loose cat hair, saving you many trips to the trashcan. Regular grooming reduces the amount of shedding in the house and strengthens the bond between you and your cat.

While shorthaired cats don’t require as much grooming as longhaired cats, they will certainly benefit from regular brushing sessions. Shorthaired cats also shed hair and will need their nails clipped, and they can also suffer from hairballs or mats if their coat isn’t kept in pristine condition.

Cat Fountains

Catit Flower Fountains use running water to encourage your pet to drink more. Drinking regularly is important for your cat's health, as it helps ensure proper kidney function and prevents crystal formation that can lead to urinary diseases. With three water flow systems, these fountains engage even the pickiest of drinkers with its gentle flow, bubbling top and calm stream flow.

These fountains are available in two sizes, the 3L is suitable for cats and small dogs, whether as the 1.5L is for kittens and small cats.

Both Catit Flower Fountain includes a dual-action water softening filter (refill sets available separately). The filter continuously purifies and softens hard tap water, while also retaining stray hairs, sediment and debris.

The fountain can hold up to 3L of water meaning when you leave the house your cats have a constant supply of fresh water all day!

You can also save £4.48 and buy the optional Catit Multi-Feeder with the 3L Flower Fountain. The Multi Feeder is perfect for serving wet and dry food. It's compact and clever design combines 3 great features into 1. It helps to stimulate natural self-controlled feeding and helps to prevent binge eating. 9 to 5 feeding solution, with ergonomic and the design prevents stress on your cat's whiskers! Comes with a handy inner storage space for storing food or treats, too.

Cat Food Hunting

Both the Catit Food Tree and Digger stimulate your cat's natural hunting behaviour by making them work for their food and treats. They both have a sloped, walled design which stops treats and food from spilling.

The Food Tree has three difficulty levels to make it easier or harder for your cat - simply rotate the discs within the tree. The tree's narrow top prevents your cat from cheating as they can't access the kibble directly.

It's also easy to disassemble and clean, making maintenance easy and transporting the tree much easier.

Catit's Digger combines narrow and wide tubes to stimulate your cat to hunt. The product cleverly encourages your cat to work for their food in a fun and natural manner by playing on a cat's instincts to paw out smaller portions of food. This stimulates activity and helps to reduce binge eating.

Combine these products with other 2.0 Catit items, such as the Circuits, to create a fun, interactive play centre perfect for hours of entertainment for your cat.

Cat Circuit Toys

All three Catit circuits consist of a ball that zips around a closed track in a sort of rollercoaster like fashion. They all feature a special peek-a-boo cover which stimulates cats to chase and swat the ball, which quickly adds up to hours of entertainment!

To keep your cat interested, you need to change their toy set-up often. The Senses 2.0 Circuits can be built and rebuilt into different shapes around the house. Surprise your cat with a new layout every few days to keep the experience fresh and exciting! Combine the circuits with other Catit 2.0 products to create a fun, interactive activity centre. 

The included circuit ball is the perfect size and weight for your cat to bat around. A motion-activated light-up ball that flashes enticingly when your cat paws at it can be bought separately for £4.49 - perfect for night-time play sessions.

Cat Relaxation

Catit's Wellness Centre has been designed to be the ultimate relaxation spot. It includes a wide variety of brushes, textures and massage ridges to help your cat relax and groom themselves. A pack of three gum stimulators is included for free when you buy this item.

Note: Always supervise your cat when using catnip on the Wellness Centre top. Immediately lower the amount of catnip when your cat starts violently biting the green top to prevent it from hurting itself. Start with low amounts of catnip and build up gradually. The amount of catnip used is key for a safe usage of the Wellness Centrr.

The Wellness Centre features a multi-purpose massager for head and neck, has durable combs, an ergonomic base with massage ridges and a gum stimulator for your cat's dental hygiene.

Cat Grass

Catit's 2.0 Grass Planter is a great way of providing natural fibre. Grass is a natural source of fibre, which stimulates digestion and helps to prevent hairball buildups. Houseplants are often toxic and therefore not suitable for consumption. So the Catit 2.0 Grass Planter has been built with a stable design and is easy to clean. The optimum freshness seeds and planting material can be bought with the planter, saving you £4.48 if bought separately! However seeds are not included if you only buy the grass planter.

The optional grass kit contains vermiculite instead of soil. Unlike potting soil, vermiculite is a tidy resource to work with. Keep your hands clean while guaranteeing the best care for your cat. Cat grass seeds have a relatively short shelf life and are vulnerable to high temperatures.