Consistent heat and lighting is essential for your reptiles health and well-being. Our range of lamp holders, lamps and heat mats will help keep your reptile healthy.

All the products featured below and on our website can be bought and collected from our unit in Kings Court, Kingsfield Road, Barwell, LE9 8NZ.

Mini Nano Dome Lamp Holder

Our Mini Nano Dome Lamp Holder can hold a single lamp or heater and has a max rating of 40W, and a ceramic holder for heat protection. Use the hook with a bracket to suspend over the top of the vivarium. It comes with a cable which is 1.8m long with an on/off switch.

Dual Mini Nano Combo Holder

Our Dual Mini Nano Dome Combo Holder can hold 2 heaters or lights or a combination of both. Each holder has its own power cable and switch with a max rating of 40W.
You could combine a heater with UV light; with the light on a timer to simulate day light hours, and the heater on a thermostat to maintain the temperature.
The holder has a hook which can be used with a bracket to suspend it over the vivarium.

Mini Nano Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter

Our Mini Nano Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter produces a natural heat source equivalent to the sun but without the visible light. The long wave infrared heat created by the emitter works efficiently at creating basking heat for your reptiles, heating them from above like the sun would in the wild, without upsetting their day and night cycle.
It also increases the ambient warmth in the terrarium.
The emitter is available in 25W or 35W and has a very long lifespan.

Dual Dome Combo Holder

Our Dual Dome Combo Holder holds two heaters or lights, or a combination of heater and light. These can be used to combine a heater with UV light; with the light on a timer to simulate daylight hours, and the heater on a thermostat the maintain to the temperature. The top of the dome has cooling vents.
Each holder has a max rating of 150W and its own cable and on/off switch.
A hook allows you to suspend the dome over a vivarium.

Tortoise Deep Clamp Lamp

Our Tortoise Deep Clamp Lamp is suitable for compact UVB bulbs and has a rating of 75W. The silver reflector will ensure maximum UVB is directed down to help the animal bask and soak up essential UV rays. It comes with a clamp which allows you to dix it at any angle.
Size: 140mm Diameter, 210mm Height.

Clip on Metal Ceramic Bulb Holder

Our Clip on Metal Ceramic Bulb Holder is for screw-type bulbs and heaters (max rating 150W)  and is ideal for tortoise tables. It comes with metal clamp and surround and ceramic screw type holder. The holder has a double joint with rotation at either end to allow full adjustment of the holder.
The clamp has rubber pads to increase grip, or it can be fixed using the supplied bolt, or attached to screw head using slot.
Cable length is 1.8m with a switch.

Full Spectrum UVA + UVB + Heat Lamp Bulb

Our Full Spectrm UVA + UVB Bulb is the closest you can get to natural sunlight in a single bulb and is rated at 125W. These mercury vapor bulbs produce the correct balance of ultraviolet light (including UVA and UVB), visual light and infrared light (heat).
The full spectrum light ensures appetite, activity, bright colours and calcium absorption through vitamin D3 production to help prevent metabolic bone disease.
Also available in 160W!

Repti-Zoo Heat Mats

Heat mats are useful for smaller vivariums: they stick to the glass underneath or to the side of the vivarium. Simply peel off the backing, position the mat and press. Our heat mats include 4 feet to raise the vivarium if fitting underneath to allow air flow. Heat mats must be used with thermostats to protect the animals from over heating.
These are available in a wide range of wattage, from 5W to 45W!