Use the Parts Diagram image below to find the letter of the part you need, then use the table below the image to find the part number

Fluval 107 207 307 407 Spare Parts

# Description 107 207 307 407
A Motor Head A20101* A20102* A20103* A20104*
B Pre-Filter Basket A20122 A20123 A20123 A20124
C Media Basket A20046 A20046 A20043 A20043
D Media Basket Cover A20042 A20042 A20067 A20067
E Motor Head Gasket A20038 A20038 A20064 A20064
F AquaStop Valve A20062 A20062 A20062 A20062
G Intake Strainer A20007 A20007 A20008 A20008
H Intake Stem with Intake Strainer A20010* A20010* A20011* A20011*
I Suction Cup with Clip (40 mm) A15520 A15520 A15520 A15520
J Aquarium Rim Connector A20026 A20026 A20026 A20026
K Suction Cup (30 mm) A15041 A15041 A15041 A15041
L Output Nozzle A20053 A20053 A20053 A20053
M Ribbed Housing A20014 A20014 A20015 A20015
N Hose-Lock Nuts A20059* A20059* A20059* A20059*
O Rubber Hose Connector A20016 A20016 A20017 A20017
P Primer Assembly with

Primer Cover
A20126 A20126 A20126 A20126
Q Filter Canister A20183* A20188* A20193* A20198*
R Ceramic Impeller Shaft &

Rubber Bushing
A20039* A20039* A20039* A20039*
S Magnetic Impeller with Ceramic

Shaft & Rubber Bushing
A20109* A20109* A20149* A20169*
T Impeller Cover A20113* A20133* A20148* A20148*
U Media Basket Handle A20071* A20072* A20072* A20073
07 Motor Head Maintenance Kit

Magnetic Impeller

Ceramic Shaft & Rubber Support

Impeller Cover

Motor Head Gasket
A20094 A20095 A20096 A20097
07 Series Intake / Output Kit

AquaStop Valve

Intake Stem / Strainer / Hose Connector

Output Nozzle

Motor Head Gasket

Aquarium Rim Connector x2

Suction Cup (30mm) x4

Suction Cup with Clip (40mm)
A20051* A20051* A20052* A20052*
V Metal Clamp A20013* A20013* A20013*
Y Ribbed Hosing A20012* A20012* A20012*

A * means that the part is coming soon.

Fluval 107 207 307 407 Spare Parts for Fluval 07 Series of External Filters. The latest range of Fluval 107 207 307 407 filters features several new performance upgrades making it more robust, efficient, easier-to-use and quieter than ever before!

Occasionally, your external filter can break and you require Fluval 107 207 307 407 spares to fix your filter. At Aquapet, we have a huge range of Fluval Spare Parts to help get your Fluval external filter working again.

Last updated: 22nd July, 2019