Backgrounds are useful for a variety of reasons, first of all - they are aesthetically pleasing and allow reptile owners to create beautiful displays and an authentic feel to your reptile's home. Secondly, they help insulate the terrarium, which is particularly useful for glass terrariums. Reptiles also enjoy climbing these backgrounds, which helps to make the terrarium multidimensional.

A glance at a selection of our reptile terrarium backgrounds

Our backgrounds are made from black polystyrene, which is helpful as any damage wont be obvious. The polystyrene also allows for slots to be cut into it so you can hide wires, pipes, etc.

To insert into your set-up, simply cut to fit and place inside. For larger-sized terrariums you can buy multiple reptile backgrounds and tile them together.

Available for use in dry or humid environments, and with over 10 backgrounds available, you'll find the right design for your set-up.

We recently added this new natural-look reptile background (above) to our stock. It looks great and will enhance the look of any terrarium! Available in 2 sizes, Small - (580 x 280mm) and Large (890 x 420mm).

Explore our full range of reptile backgrounds and find the perfect design!