British autumn presents various challenges for pond owners, ranging from plant decay, leaves decaying, and filters and skimmers becoming blocked. Our autumn pond care guide will help you get through this challenging season.

Cleaning and Preventing Debris

The most obvious autumnal problem for pond owners is the falling of leaves, which when decaying, can upset the delicate ecological balance of the water if they reach the pond floor. Therefore regular pH testing of your water is advised.

Ideally, you want to stop leaves reaching the pond floor altogether, and many pond owners tend to use pond nets to clear debris. However this can be tedious and frustrating particularly if the British weather is unforgiving!
We stock Laguna Pond Nets as they are high-quality and have extendable shafts, allowing for precise maintenance and debris removal. All the nets feature a slip-resistant handle and the net frame itself has a plastic guard which protects the net from tearing due to friction.

Alternatively, a pond skimmer can be used to collect leaves and debris before they sink to the bottom of your pond.
We recommend Oase's SwimSkim 25 Pond Skimmer, as it provides powerful suction of pond surfaces up to 50m² and has an integrated aerator function for oxygen supply. The SwimSkim provides improved water quality and viewing depth through removal of pollutants on the surface. Cleaning is easy too thanks to the simple basket removal, and the skimmer automatically adapts to any water level (from 40cm depth). The maximum pump capacity is 2500L per hour.

Oase SwimSkim 25, £109.98 (FREE UK Delivery)

Preventing Freezing

As temperatures start to drop, you should think about preventing your pond freezing. If the complete surface of your pond freezes over, it will prevent oxygen from entering your pond through a process called diffusion and prevents toxic gases from escaping.

However you should consider that Ice Preventers are far more energy efficient in comparison with pond heaters.