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  • Acrylic Tanks for Reptiles with Magnetic Locking Lid

    Our Acrylic Tanks are all fully stackable and are well ventilated even when stacked. They also come with an advanced magnetic locking lid system, and are waterproof too! They are ideal for small reptiles, amphibians or invertebrates and are especially popular among spider owners. All the tanks are CNC manufactured, meaning they are as close to perfect as you can get for your reptiles!
  • Tortoise Lamp Holder for Full Spectrum Lights

    Our tortoise lamp holder is a deep reflective clamp lamp for use with large bulbs, especially mercury vapour lamps. The lamp holder comes with a clip on mesh grill for front to protect animals from burns. Rated at 200W. The cable length is 1.7m with in line on-off switch. Clamp to attach holder to shelf, side of cage, etc.
  • Ceramic Holders for Reptiles

    At Aquapet, we have a wide range of ceramic holders available to fit your reptiles' needs. Whether you need an angled mount or a hanging holder, we have the product you need at affordable prices. Below are a few of our featured products!
  • NEW: Repti-Zoo Nano Habitats/Terrarium

    We are delighted to share that NEW Repti-Zoo Nano Habitat and Terrarium have just arrived and are available for purchase. These Nano Habitats are ideal for creating environments for many types of invertebrates, hatchlings, snakes and amphibians. They can also be stacked to create visually appealing displays, and the terrariums raised bases means that each habitat will still be well ventilated.
  • NEW: Vesper Minou Cat Furniture from Vesper

    Meet Minou, Vesper's stylish bench scratcher and hideout in one. Your cat will love taking long, relaxing naps inside, and sharpening its claws on the rounded sisal exterior. This adorable piece of furniture is named after one of the world‘s most popular cat names, as a tribute to every loving cat owner out there.
  • Internal Filter Media for Fluval EDGE

    Fluval's Foam and BioMax renewal kit is specifically designed for the Fluval EDGE power filter. The foam pad collects particles and debris, while the BioMax encourages optimal colonization of beneficial bacteria to enhance the reduction of fish waste, resulting in a healthier aquarium environment. Plus other media for your Fluval EDGE too!
  • Vesper V-High Lounger for Cats - Made From Poplar Wood

    The Vesper V-High Lounger Cat Bed and Scratcher is both futuristic and elegant. This is the best description for the extraordinary and eye-catching design and shape of the V-High Lounge! Made from poplar wood, this contemporary piece of scratching furniture is a unique observation deck and place to rest - all in one!
  • Fluval Aquascaping Tools - Sculpt your Underwater World

    From delicate pruning in small spaces to sculpting large substrate surfaces, Fluval's all-new PLANT series offers all the Aquascaping tools you need to maintain a thriving underwater garden. Save 25% when you buy the full set!
  • High Quality VivExotic Tortoise Tables; 10% OFF Komodo Tables

    View our range of tortoise tables! High-quality Vivexotic tables available in oak and walnut, along with Komodo tables where you can get a 10% discount! Optional stands, extensions and starter-kits are available for all our tortoise tables. Take a look!
  • Spider Kit with Glass Terrarium

    Want a pet spider but don't know where to start? Our Spider Kit with Glass Terrarium provides all the essentials to set up and keep pet spiders including a terrarium. Our Kit includes a glass terrarium, heat mat, ornament, hide caves, jungle vines, plantation soil, water dishes and thermometer.

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