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  • Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    During this difficult time we are continuing to supply goods to customers on-line; our showroom is closed for at least the next 3 weeks. We took precautions early in this pandemic to ensure safety for our staff - isolating warehouse staff from office staff; strict distancing were in place; not...
  • Laguna Pond Fish Food with Black Soldier Fly Larvae

    Laguna Pond Fly Mix Laguna Pond Fly Mix uses leftover fruits and vegetables which would otherwise go to landfill are used to rear nutritionally packed black soldier fly larvae. The larvae are harvested, dried and combined into Lagunas premium ingredient mix. Your fish benefit from a natural, palatable food closer...
  • Plastic & Acrylic Breeding Tanks

    While Plastic Tanks are cheaper than their Acrylic counterpart, both have a variety of functions and uses in the reptile world. Plastic has the convenience of being lightweight, with carrying handles and a variety of entrances and openings, making them ideal for livefood, insects or for breeding purposes. While Acrylic tends to be more aesthetically pleasing and used for creating a stunning visual display of multiple tanks, typically as a permanent or temporary home for spiders, reptiles, snakes and other creatures.
  • Reptile Rain Maker Mister Systems

    Reptile Misters and Rain Makers are an essential part of any healthy reptile home. These systems help with normal reptile behaviour, egg incubation and shedding as well as hydrating your pet. But there's so many types supplied by us, so here's a rundown on the products available.
  • NEW: Soft and Absorbent Reptile Carpet

    Reptile Carpets are a popular alternative to loose substrate as it eliminates the risk of choking or impaction. This soft and absorbent carpet is similar to the carpet in your home - it's kind to the underbelly of your reptile, comfortable, solid and has a natural look that mimics your reptile's natural environment.
  • NEW: Reptile Drinking Fountain and Humidifier

    Quiet, adjustable flowrate and easy to clean - our reptile drinking fountain and humidifier makes a perfect addition to any terrarium setup. Made from safe and durable ABS plastic making it easy to clean, and a quiet design when the pump is submerged.
  • Oase AlfaFol Pre-Packaged Pond Liners

    Pond liners are essential for every pond as without one, the water would be absorbed into the ground. The starting point for every project to keep water where it should be! Oase AlfaFol Pond Liners come in 8, pre-packaged sizes so the choice is yours! Oase AlfaFol liners are UV-resistant...
  • Fluval PF2 Programmable Fish Feeder

    Introducing the new Fluval PF2 Programmable Fish Feeder! Ideal for aquarium hobbyists who are away from home for extended periods of time (ie: holidays, business trips) or for those with busy lifestyles.
  • Oase Vitronic - Pond UVC Clarifier

    Over time, debris and waste begins to form in your pond water - which, if left untreated, can become a danger to the life inside your pond. This suspended algae, also known as green water, is then picked up by the pond filter pump and sent to a UVC. As the water passes through the UVC casing, the high power UV lamp destroys the cell walls of algae and makes them flocculate (or clump together) into more manageable particles to be removed by your filter. Your filter then easily sieves it out so the remaining water becomes cleaner and crystal clear!
  • Vision Bird Cages, Kits, Extensions & Spares

    A perfect blend of elegant design and practical functionality, Vision revolutionised the bird cage industry by reinventing the way we house our pet birds. Vision cages have many revolutionary design features that set it apart from traditional bird cages, such as larger interior living space and a greater sense of freedom. They retain up to 80% of waste and debris inside the cage, simplifying maintenance by making clean-ups less time consuming.

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