Fluval Chi Spares

Fluval Chi 10505 10506 10508

Fluval Chi 10505 10506 10508 spares - find the number of the part you need from the diagram above and select the part number from corresponding letter from the full list below:

Part # 10505 (19ltr late) 10506 (19ltr early) 10508 (26ltr)
Tank A A13954 A13954 A13955
Filter B or C A13977 A13958 A13959
Foam Pad D A1425 A1425 A1425
Filter Pad E A1424 A1424 A1424
Transformer F A13950 A13950 A13950
Cover G A13957 A13957 A13957
Remote H n/a n/a A13956
Impeller I A13979 A13979 A13979
Note: If a part number is not clickable then it is no longer available.
* Denotes coming soon.

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