Fluval 107 207 307 407 Spare Parts

Fluval 107 207 307 407 Spare Parts
# Description 107 207 307 407
A Motor Head A20101* A20102* A20103* A20104*
B Pre-Filter Basket A20122* A20122* A20123* A20123*
C Media Basket A20046 A20046 A20043 A20043
D Media Basket Cover A20042 A20042 A20067 A20067
E Motor Head Gasket A20038* A20038* A20064* A20064*
F AquaStop Valve A20062* A20062* A20062* A20062*
G Intake Strainer A20007 A20007 A20008 A20008
H Intake Stem with Intake Strainer A20010* A20010* A20011* A20011*
I Suction Cup with Clip (40 mm) A15520* A15520* A15520* A15520*
J Aquarium Rim Connector A20026* A20026* A20026* A20026*
K Suction Cup (30 mm) A15041* A15041* A15041* A15041*
L Output Nozzle A20053* A20053* A20053* A20053*
M Ribbed Housing A20014 A20014 A20015 A20015*
N Hose-Lock Nuts A20059* A20059* A20059* A20059*
O Rubber Hose Connector A20016 A20016 A20017 A20017
P Primer Assembly with
Primer Cover
A20126* A20126* A20126* A20126*
Q Filter Canister A20183* A20188* A20193* A20198*
R Ceramic Impeller Shaft &
Rubber Bushing
A20039* A20039* A20039* A20039*
S Magnetic Impeller with Ceramic
Shaft & Rubber Bushing
A20109* A20109* A20149* A20169*
T Impeller Cover A20113* A20133* A20148* A20148*
U Media Basket Handle A20071* A20072* A20072* A20073
07 Motor Head Maintenance Kit
Magnetic Impeller
Ceramic Shaft & Rubber Support
Impeller Cover
Motor Head Gasket
A20094* A20095* A20096* A20097*
07 Series Intake / Output Kit
AquaStop Valve
Intake Stem / Strainer / Hose Connector
Output Nozzle
Motor Head Gasket
Aquarium Rim Connector x2
Suction Cup (30mm) x4
Suction Cup with Clip (40mm)
A20051* A20051* A20052* A20052*
V Metal Clamp A20013* A20013* A20013*
Y Ribbed Hosing A20012* A20012* A20012*
Note: If a part number is not clickable then it is no longer available.
* Denotes coming soon.

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