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  1. Aquael Pat Mini Internal Filter

    Aquael Pat Mini Internal Filter


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    AQUAEL PAT MINI is a tiny turbine filter intended for use in small freshwater aquariums. This device consists of a small head and a carefully selected filter sponge. Thanks to the innovative design, the maximum throughput of the filter head reaches 400 l/h, which is comparable to the typical performance of a medium-sized turbine aquarium filter. Despite its high performance, the filter operates at a power consumption of 4W or less. Given its specifications, PAT MINI can provide efficient filtration even in a 120-liter tank. However, you should not be concerned about the filter creating an excessive whirling motion in smaller tanks, since there is a performance control switch in the front part of the head that allows you to adjust throughput as required. In addition, the filter is equipped with a directional nozzle that can be used to control the outflow of water into the tank e.g. by directing it towards a tank wall. The aeration tube connected to the outlet nozzle ensures efficient oxygenation of the water. Learn More
  2. Aquael Fan Filters

    Aquael Fan Filters

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    • Excellent filtration and aeration
    • Handy and precise performance control in the dome above the water surface; adjustable direction of water outflow
    • 2 years' warranty
    • Five models available
    • Complete Filtration
    • Includes filter media
    • Suitable for freshwater aquariums
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  3. Aquael Turbo Internal Filter - 500 1000 1500 2000

    Aquael Turbo Internal Filter - 500 1000 1500 2000

    Starting at: £21.98

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    • High-performance mechanical and biological filtration thanks to filter media containers that are suitable for any filter cartridges
    • Efficient water aeration
    • Adjustable direction of outflow (by up to 120°), handy performance control
    • Complete Filteration
    • Includes Filter Media
    • For Freshwater Aquarium
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  4. Aquael Unifilter UV Internal Filter

    Aquael Unifilter UV Internal Filter

    Starting at: £34.98

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    • UV LEDs ensure proper water sterilisation
    • 50,000 hour UV LED Life
    • Two separate sponge filter cartridges
    • Two modes of water aeration; adjustable direction of outflow
    • Complete filtration
    • Includes filter media
    • For Freshwater aquariums
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  5. Aquael Internal Filter ASAP

    Aquael Internal Filter ASAP

    Starting at: £15.98

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    • High-performance, efficient water filtration
    • Simple design: easy to install and maintain
    • Equipped with a modern motor – low power consumption
    • The filter bowl is easy to clean or replace (replacement parts can be purchased separately)
    • Works well in shallow water – perfect for aquaterrariums
    • 2 Years Warranty
    • For Freshwater Aquariums
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  6. Aquael UNIFilter 360

    Aquael UNIFilter 360


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    • Unit Size: 50x68x153
    • Suitable for: 60L - 100L Tank
    • 3W
    • 360l/h
    • Grey/Black
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