Aquarium Ornaments

Aquarium Ornaments are almost as important as the fish and the tank in our opinion. By carefully selecting the right combination of aquarium ornaments you can create a truly gorgeous underwater scene, and when you get bored you can just add new ornaments. The best advice is to not to leave the aquarium to empty but be careful not to over-crowd with ornaments either.

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  1. biOrb Aquatic Topiary (Moss Balls) x 3

    biOrb Aquatic Topiary (Moss Balls) x 3


    Each pack contains one large, one medium and one small green ball. Learn More
  2. biOrb Sea Stars on a Rock

    biOrb Sea Stars on a Rock


    This sculpture forms a neutral centre piece and looks great when surrounded by colour. Learn More
  3. biOrb Grey Slate Stack

    biOrb Grey Slate Stack


    Suitable for biOrbs 30L and larger, biUbe, biOrb LIFE 30, 45 and 60L and biOrb FLOW 30. Learn More
  4. biOrb Red Slate Stack

    biOrb Red Slate Stack


    This sculpture is suitable for biOrb 60, biOrb 105, biUbe, biOrb LIFE 45 and biOrb LIFE60L. Learn More
  5. biOrb Moorwood Small

    biOrb Moorwood Small


    A natural looking sculpture. A great starting point, mix with aquatic topiary. Learn More
  6. biOrb Sea Shells

    biOrb Sea Shells


    Three detailed white reproduction shells per pack. Suitable for all aquariums. Learn More
  7. biOrb Star Fish

    biOrb Star Fish


    Three white starfish in a pack. Suitable for all aquariums Learn More
  8. biOrb Colorball

    biOrb Colorball

    Starting at: £7.69

    Easy to use plastic plants in a ball shape. Place on the floor of the aquarium to provide colour and interest or build up several balls with or without plants to create interesting displays. Learn More
  9. biOrb Samuel Baker Coral Ornament Medium

    biOrb Samuel Baker Coral Ornament Medium


    Medium to fit biOrb 30 Learn More
  10. Fluval Chi Decor Ornament

    Fluval Chi Decor Ornament


    Out of stock

    Nature-inspired Fluval® Chi décor ornaments add an abundance of natural beauty and verdant lush to Fluval® Chi aquariums. The plant with pebble base ornament is designed to fit in the baskets at the bottom of the aquarium. 14cm x 8cm x 8cm. Learn More

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