Breeding Boxes

Aquarium Breeding Boxes provide a safe and secure place for fish to breed, they can also be used for isolation and acclimatising. These breeding boxes are carefully selected to be safe and easy to install.

  1. Fluval Holding and Breeding Box

    Fluval Holding and Breeding Box


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    Easily attaching to the side of most aquariums up to 1" thick, the Fluval Multi-Chamber Holding & Breeding Box provides up to 3 separate housing compartments for protecting fry, sick/weak fish or new fish that require acclimation.
      Key Features:
    • Multi-functional breeder box allows for 1, 2 or 3 separate housing compartments
    • Ideal as a hatchery and incubator to help protect new born fry from being eaten (improves survival rate)
    • Provides a safe haven for injured or weak fish
    • Helps acclimate new fish as water circulates throughout box from aquarium
    • Hangs onto aquarium exterior for easily observing fish and convenient maintenance
    • Space-saving design - measures 10.25" L x 5.5" W x 4.75" H (26 x 14 x 12 cm) and holds 0.5 US Gal (1.9 L) of water
    • For use with frameless aquariums with a glass thickness of 0.25-0.4" (5-10 mm) and framed aquariums less than 1 ¾" (47 mm)
    • Requires Air Pump (1L/per minute - A849) and Airline Tubing (A1141) - sold separately
    • Utilizes same conditioned water as aquarium - no additional heater or filter required
    • For use in fresh and saltwater aquariums
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  2. Fluval Breeding Box

    Fluval Breeding Box


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    • Breeding box with cover
    • Intake tube
    • V-shape separator
    • Levelling adjuster
    • Air valve
    • Airline tube 12" (30 cm)
    • Discharge cap
    • Intake extension
    • O-Ring
    • Strainer
    • 2 x Slit plates for discharging water (1 thick frame - 3 bars, 1 thin frame - 5 bars)
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